January 5, 2012
When Imagination comes to life, it's like a whole new world is created.
A place where things are jumping out at you, always trying to have a little fun, or deadly enemies trying to capture you!
Amazing places such as a giant lake full of monsters is created with just a little twist.
Or even large castles with tall towers and flags waving everywhere in a magnificent kingdom meant for large, royal families.
Even the characters can be your own, with peope and animals of your own creation!
You could have a fantastic romance between a princess and a knight, or a bitter war between two countries.
A friendship that lasts, or enemies who were never meant to meet.
The world is how you make it out to be. The sky's not the limit, the universe is not the limit, but only the limit you put on yourself.
It never ends because this is your story, your story to twist and turn how you want it, if not just for the escape out of actual reality.
When imagination is real in your mind, nothing else around you matters.
Don't ever stop imagining because of what people tell you. Imagination is what created the world in the first place!
Just know that when imagination comes to life, it's like you've created a whole new world outside of this one to call your own.

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AngelsKiss This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 19, 2012 at 8:09 am
This sounds a lil like Wonderland, a place where the rules bend:) Interesting analogies please read and comment on some of mine:)
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