why dont you love me?

January 5, 2012
These marks you leave me scar me deeper then any pain a blow could behold
My heart is purple and blue around, while my dreams are white and cold
I watch the other children run an play with parents there to cherish
They kiss them into bed at night
And read them the stories you always forgot
I ask the same question every night
Wondering if it will ever change
Why don't you love me Daddy, can you change?
You have become a stranger to the people you love
A bottle more important
You stumble and fall, but never stand straight
The terror dawned upon a rich man never the same
You leave in the night and awake in the dawn
But somehow you manage never to look back
For that I emphasis
I miss you
So I plead not to ask again a question that brings dread to my heart
But I must know the answer of the question I fear, that keeps me from sleeping at night
So daddy here I ask again
Why don't you love me with all your might?

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