Forests upon second dimension

January 5, 2012
By Sandee BRONZE, LAS VEGAS, Nevada
Sandee BRONZE, LAS VEGAS, Nevada
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I was plucking the apples off the tree.
Everyday for 356 days
Never was I aware of the trail leading to the forest.
As curious as I felt, I pranced towards the entrance.

It was pitching black; I held my hand onto the tree for support.
The barks on the tree crumbled off.
I stepped into the forest and vivid colors blind my vision.
For a moment, everything seemed like just an ordinary forest.

Then, the tree stems grew faster than the apples on my tree.
Large roots exploded from the grounds.
The leaves turned into turquoise, amber, bronze and silver colored.
I was flabbergasted, dumbfounded, and astonished.

Suddenly, spotted deer, ferocious lions, majestic tigers darted out of the hidden dark.
Roaring and bellowing, they speak with glorious voices.
Big red delicious apples thundered from the sky.
In the distant, shadows with thrilling noises pierced my ears.

The black grew into white and the world seems to fade away.
Traveling and traveling, as if I walked into another world.
Arriving on a field blossomed with giant dandelions.
It carried me away upon the baby blue sky.

You would think I was frightened or much worse.
Rather this adventure excites me.
All my life I have been picking apples on my great uncle’s farm.
Dazzling journeys like this I cannot delay.

Up in the sky, huge beautiful birds greeted me.
The dandelion stopped me at a cloud.
Clouds are not solid and do not hold people.
Magically this one did.

The sky turned a dark orchid.
Clouds transferred away from the sky.
The musty scent was just upon me, the rain cried down.
It descended me from the cloud.

OOF! I landed on a pile of dirt.
The wild plants gathered around me and peeped out a, “hello”.
I reached over and pulled one out from the dirt.
“Ouch”, the single plant remarked.

I got my hopes high for more amazing adventures ahead.
But as far as I walked, the more it looked like home.
No longer did the roots pop out nor did the tree stems grow.
I was backed home, where everything was typical and plain.

Next day, I dashed to the same place I found the forest entrance.
No longer was there the entrance.
No miles of trees
No pitch black darkness…

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