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"The Hunt"

January 5, 2012
By redheadeddevil2 GOLD, Mabelvale, Arkansas
redheadeddevil2 GOLD, Mabelvale, Arkansas
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"be yourself"

Blank, white, nothingness stares back at me on my desk. Tapping my pencil, and scratching my head, I think. Impatience nips at mind as the clock ticks away the seconds I waste. The words hide in the corner of my eye, just out of sight. I turn around jumping after them trying to surprise attack them. They scatter away before I can grab them. Ink squirts at my face and gets all over my paper. Crunching up the paper and grabbing a new one I keep thinking. Thinking of a way to out smart those sneaky, cunning words. Smack! An idea hits me in the face hard. I pick it up and go deeper into it. Scribbling away I gave my paper a tittle, suddenly words where jumping on the paper from now where. Grabbing my pen i made them permanent, they are mine. My words... Smiling I lean back in my chair in exhaustion. I fall into a slumber knowing that tomorrow is Haiku season...

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