When We Were Seven

January 5, 2012
By AnemoneRae BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
AnemoneRae BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
'Real loss only occurs when you loose something you love more than yourself'

' He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds' ~Psalm 147:3

"The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you." - Anonymous.

When we were seven pigs could fly,
The rain was a whisper, the blue was our sky.
When we were seven, hate was a curse
And kissing the big boys and love was worse.
When we were seven, we’d stop and sit,
Watching the cars go, with nothing to miss.
When we were seven, our dreams were pure,
And band-aids and kisses were magical cures.
When we were seven, the trees could walk
When we were seven, our dolls could talk.
Holding hands was the sweetest thing
And the biggest commitments were lollipop rings.
When calorie counts were grown-up words,
When at night the crickets were all we heard.
When the needles at check-ups made us cry,
And we all could ‘love’ without asking why.
When kickball was football and baseball was war,
And we didn’t define girls as bitches or whores.
When the biggest drama was who wet the bed,
And we never regretted a word we said.
When the bend at the road was a touch too far,
And wishes came true if we dreamed them on stars.
At seven years old we were so care-free…
But it disappeared, that happy me.
When gym was jumping and running in place,
And we didn’t think make-up would make up our face.
At seven the problems were only in math,
And the worst part of home was taking a bath.
When the greatest thing in our lives was snow,
When teasing another was an all time low
When the highlights of summer were fireflies
And a wave at school didn’t mean good bye.
When teachers were Einstein, and our parents were saints,
And the greatest ‘subject’ in class, was the paint.
When boyfriends meant flutters and hurt meant blush,
And the closest thing to our love was a crush.
At seven my heart was enough for just you,
And your whole heart was enough for me too.
And you didn’t drink, and you didn’t smoke,
And I genuinely laughed at all of your jokes.
I miss now those times when your brown eyes were bright,
And your smile was the prettiest thing in sight.
But eight years later, I’ve realized,
Seven years old was just one big lie.
We’re ‘grown-up’ now, and I’m not from your world,
Because all I am, is another girl.
We were so perfect, we wished to grow up,
But now that we got it, it’s still not enough.
Rainbows are moments, there’s no pot of gold,
And there’s nothing so special about being old.
The needles are pinpricks to broken hearts,
And when something breaks sometimes, we can’t fix the shards.
Stars are just balls of fiery hot gas,
And those breathing issues are asthma attacks.
We have to live with the choices we’ve made,
And the marks we’ve forged eventually fade.
I’m grown up now but given the chance,
I swear to God I’d try to go back.
To tell you I loved you and voice out my wish:
The one I laughed at when we were just kids……
And though in time the heart breaks will mend:
I wish I were seven years old again.

The author's comments:
Before I moved again when I was seven, I fell in love with a boy named Ben. I moved to the other side of the city but it might as well have been Mars; we grew up, we moved on, we forgot. Or at least he did. I see him now in high school, and while everyone else sees that popular boy with blonde hair and earrings, and a pack of cigarettes and money for beer in his pocket, I see that nerd in tin foil who told me his parents were fighting and cried with me when I left. Be careful with promises. They hurt when they're not kept.

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