Dream Catcher

January 5, 2012
By cellogirl GOLD, San Diego, California
cellogirl GOLD, San Diego, California
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When I was a little girl who didn’t want to sleep
Daddy would send me to my room to rest and count some sheep
He’d lean in close to whisper “Do you want to see a show?”
And I’d nod my head excitedly, tingling through my toes
He’d say “Close your eyes! Don’t you see it?” The movie playing on your lids?”
And as I closed my eyes I realized that I did
“Dreams are what you make of them, they play inside your head”
As my sandman of a daddy always said
I became a princess in her tower
But not a prince to my rescue, instead I held the power
I flew across the sky blanketed with stars and golden moon
When I tucked my silver wings it always felt too soon
Adventures and scrapes, the world I did travel
My solid grip on life soon started to unravel
I grew to love a world where nothing’s as it seems
And the person that I grew to be came from Daddy’s dreams

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