Living in My Heart

January 5, 2012
By doctor_fearless PLATINUM, Festus, Missouri
doctor_fearless PLATINUM, Festus, Missouri
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Sitting in this cold and dark prison

For what?


But, my sins sit in my cell, in the corner

Where I can stare at them all day

And they burden me

Oh well

Not like I can walk right out

This is my life now

Embrace it

I see the stack of my sins

My shame

My failures

My regrets

Almost to the ceiling now


I want to know how to escape

But these chains

Hold me down

I can move nothing, but an inch

Fed every other day

My smiles slapped off my face

Why even try?

I'm stuck

In this pit

For the rest of my shameful existence

'Til the light shone in

And blinded me

But, only for a moment

Then I realize

This is reality

Someone truly does care about me

Who came to rescue me

From this enduring Hell

Breaks the chains

Breaks the weights

I am free

... I am free!!

My sins

They fall

And crash and burn

Forever gone

I am forgiven by my Lord Jesus

My Savior!

Because He hung up on the cross

For my sins

... and for your sins, too

We can live in Heaven

Tell others about Him

That they may be forgiven as well

I am full

I am happy

My smile is drawn upon my lips again

My laugh is recreated

The sparkle in my eyes

You know

That I have Jesus Christ living in my heart

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