My Heart Longs For You

January 5, 2012
By doctor_fearless PLATINUM, Festus, Missouri
doctor_fearless PLATINUM, Festus, Missouri
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Tears fall down my cheeks

As I think of all the times we ever had together

I thought we

d last

People thought I was crazy

For thinking, such young love could last

But, I believed

And so did you

Such fools we made of ourselves

When we were together

But, who cares?

We were together

Having fun

My heart still aches from those words


Why do they seem so harsh?

I see you with her

Tears immediately swell in my eyes

And the pain in my heart

So unbearable

My weak spirit drags along these dirty old streets

Until I see you again

And I run away

Through the flood of tears

My heart still longs

For the touch of your lips against mine

Once again

The passion

The love

The spark

We move in perfect sync

I miss those times

So much

My heart longs to be in your arms again

The warmth of your skin touching mine

The feel of our fingers intertwined

The feel of your arms around my waist

All in all, my heart longs for you


Longs for your smile

Your laugh

Your kiss

Your touch

Your voice

Your personality

...Your love

Is what I long for

I long for you

I hope you'd say the same about me

I want you back


My heart yet still longs for you

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