I Am Free

January 5, 2012
By doctor_fearless PLATINUM, Festus, Missouri
doctor_fearless PLATINUM, Festus, Missouri
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The pain of their eyes staring...

Burns in my skin

And flesh boils

I just want to be...


But, call me what you want

I'm sure it's true

I don't see how it came about

Tends to be all you see;


The mirror,

Screams, "Useless!"

But, why?

I don't have anything to offer to this world...

No talent

No power

No joy

...No beauty

Just wanna stand above it all, but my arms are just too weak

C'mon... bring me out...

It's what I cry out for;

But, it was a broken cry that no man heard

Except for You...

You saw the pain in my shame

Shame of what?

Shame of unworthiness...

Till they are proven wrong, but your glory

And my cuts are healed

The blood is cleaned.

The wounds are stitched.

Without you, I am nothing


Part of the dust, you formed me

From the beginning of the beginning, you loved me...

Took nails through the slashed flesh

And took the harshness of my sin upon your shoulders

And my shame across your heart

The whips... broke into your home...

Your body...


And all for me?

Followers turn their faces...

Abandon by His own stronghold

His attachment to Heaven, forgotten

So that my attachment to Heaven is concealed

With His blood and tears

Now, I am beautiful

'Cause You created me...


Made me the individual I am

Created each flaw...

Each feature...

With the most intense precision

So I could go own

With a shameless heart

Everything you have created;


My smile

... full again.

Now I am free

Free of the chains that held me to the ground

I can fly

Because you

I am beautiful

And the mirror recognizes the real me,

Instead of my tears

Streaming endlessly down my cheeks

To the endless smile

Forever rejoicing,

Cuz' I know You're with me

When all else fades away....

I am Free

Because You cut my chains

I can dance

I can run

Run to You

I am


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