Don't Tell Me

January 5, 2012
Don't tell me you think like this

'Cause I don't want to come to believe it

You outside shining smile


And I want you to live with me

By my side

But I can't bear to see the painful tears of your shame

Shame of what?

I wouldn't know.

'Cause you're perfect

In every way

You're so unique

'Cause your you.

There's only one.

I don't wanna live to the moment I see the scars

That were man-made

From the pain

I'm here for you

I'll hold you

'Til your shelter isn't needed

I'll let you shine

I was there with you through it all

When you hated me, and threw me out

I held you close

And told you, "Hush."

But that attempt

Scared me

Don't tell me

Don't tell me you did that

But, I'm here for you

But you refused

To hold my hand

To believe in our trust

Don't tell me you attempted

To leave us

To leave your life

Don't tell me

I'll put my fingers in my ears and sing

Just don't

I don't wanna come to deathly conclusions

Don't tell me

You let go of my grip

Don't tell me your tears were red

Just, stop.

Don't tell me

'Cause I don't wanna know

I'll be here,

But I don't wanna know

About the pain you caused yourself

I don't wanna know

Don't tell me

Bring tears to my eyes

And a break to my heart from the suffering of you

Just don't tell me

Don't tell me

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