Hope Shall Last

December 17, 2011
By anythingandeverything GOLD, Bluffton, Indiana
anythingandeverything GOLD, Bluffton, Indiana
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Immersed in languid solitude 
She ponders choices passed.
They've led her where she is today
But will contentment last?
Rejected opportunity,
A wish she never made,
Visits her in restless dreams,
Vast potential frayed.
What if she had followed suit, 
Let others dictate time?
Would life be all she'd ever hoped;
Increasingly sublime?
Prevailing independence,
A stroke of certainty
That this mutual arrangement 
Was never meant to be.
Initial pain had left her split,
Indecisive still.
But time provided nourishment,
No void remained to fill.
Now she thrives in tranquilness,
The former stress has passed.
Her confidence is fortified
And hope shall always last.

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