Love is Like Chocolate

December 17, 2011
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My hands reached into the cool air
As I took a piece of fudge,
With marshmallow at its center,
I studied it in wonderment
At the similarities it
Has with love

The chocolate outside, with hints of marshmallow peaking out in a flirtatious attitude,
Seemed to call out a tone of falseness
A false pretense that could only else be discovered in a high-school romance
With the belief that everything would be sweet but mature,
As such an outer layer of chocolate would suggest
A grown-up attitude
Only to reach the center and find a marshmallow waiting
The innocence of a first love
And the surprise of a first heart break

I know a girl who chooses to delight herself with white chocolate
With ignorant tendencies to a marshmallow,
She is submersed in an innocent love affair
To tell her that this love she feels
Is not true
That it is but a fabrication,
An illusion to the real thing,
Would break her heart
So we let her be
And watch with pity as her smiles and laughter fade into a mirage
Of white chocolate tears

I know yet another girl in love
At the candy store,
She picks out dark chocolate
With a mischievous glint in her dark brown eyes
"A healthy choice," she tells herself
She fools herself into believing
Dark chocolate is good for you
What she doesn't know is the bitterness she will taste after the first few bites
And as each bitter piece slides over her tongue,
She'll uncover a realm of dark, bitter sweet tears
Unable to finish the last few bites,
She drops the darkness to the ground
Where it crumbles at her feet
And seeps into the ground
Where it can return to its home in Hell
It was healthy for her
But only in the beginning could she find the joy
Of darkness
One day she'll find the pure cocoa beans
And she'll realize that dark chocolate was healthy for her soul
Because it led her away from a pit
Of dark and bitter loving

Biting into that chocolate fudge
And feeling the marshmallow land on my taste buds
Made me wake up from one chocolate trance
And stumble gracefully into another
I see myself gazing lovingly at
A fine piece of milk chocolate
With drizzles of white chocolate on top
When the chocolate reaches my lips and I bite into the decadent art
My soul lifts to new heights
And a cherry center unravels itself
Into my heart and mind
The milk chocolate is pure and true
It is sweet on my teeth
And more than I could have ever imagined
The white chocolate lace,
Though anything but real,
Is welcomed
I accept the illusion
And understand that anything real
Is just as false as it is true
Because with understanding comes a new mystery
The mystery of love teases me with little answers to my questions
In the cherry center
I find exciting new places and feelings
With the knowledge that one day
A white laced, milk chocolate, cherry filled love will knock
On my refrigerator door

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