A Random Creation

December 17, 2011
By , Detroit, MI
What happens when we don't have trust. I mean I can see you're trying to work it out . But without trust do you think love is enough . Trying to pull it together . You leave I cry. You , cheat I die . Yeah I die on the inside . Damn I wish we can start over again. Why can't it be like that night .The night we first met . You gazed deeply into my eyes . Left me wondering , wishing , and thinking nothing but wonderful things . Days go by I'm stuck . I wish we could get back to where we used to be . When the love was true . & we were happy . The couple that people adored. I love you . But there's no trust . I wish you would just love me and only me. You love but you sleep with her . AM I not enough for you ? Do I not capture your thought as a girlfriend but as the perfect friend . Do I not deserve this love or your trust . Just tell me what is . Please I beg of you . Because if I can't live with you . I guess the world has to live without me .

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