Deciding to Dream

December 17, 2011
I know that I will always remember those nights,
In Hermosa Beach, California.
The nights where over the buzz of traffic,
You could just barely hear a pianist play.

I would lie in bed,
Thinking about who could be playing such wonderful music
That lulled me to sleep so well.
I wanted to meet that person,
To get to know them.

But on the last night,
As I crept out of bed,
Ready to follow the music like a rainbow to a treasure chest,
I decided that it would be better to not open the chest,
For what if it was empty,
Or what if a shallow person lay inside?

So I left the chest closed,
Because I knew that I would never stop dreaming of what it held;
And I knew that I would rather dream of the full treasure chest,
Than run the risk of opening the chest to find
A startling being inside.

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