December 17, 2011
Bring to me all the horrors of my life!
Bring to me all the pain and the strife!
Put it here for me to see.
Let me embrace who I used to be!
Now throw it there right on the floor.
Let the past be no more.
Curse! The pile will not go away!
Help me for the past I can not slay!
An Angel appears when she hears my call.
She stands next to the pile and dissolves all.
"How can this be?" I ask of her.
For now my mind is in a blur.
She answers in a sweet quick reply.
"I Love You, and that is why your past has run dry."
"How could such a fragile being love a beast?" I can not help but ask.
"Your beastly creature has been a mask.
I Love You for you and what I see is truly you.
And because of that your past I can undo."
I stare at the goddess standing there.
Her presence makes me run out of air.
"How can I repay you?" To her I plead.
"Love me in return, that is all I need."
I could only say "I do!"
"Then forever will our Love always remain true"

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