The Cost of Loving You

December 16, 2011
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So here today I sit. Tears streaming down my face. I shake and shiver with rage and hate. And it’s all your fault. Like always you’ve forgotten to be good to me. My stomach churns and all I feel is sick with hate towards you. Why do you hurt me so? I don’t ask for much. Yet its never done. The pain always comes back. Ripping me to pieces. You sadistic b***tard! You do this to me. I toss and turn all night just trying to stop the hurt. I will lye awake most of this night with my bleeding broken heart in my hands, and my eyes puffy from the tears you’ve caused. Peacefully you’ll lye in bed, recalling your false words of sorrow and words you’ve said so many times before. Sorry has lost its meaning when it pours from your disgusting mouth. I guess this is the cost of loving you. Such a price I pay for something I believed was worth it. Hope my tears are worth you’re games. Hope your happy with yourself.

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