Tragic Endings

December 29, 2011
You're too tretty to cut your arms she said.
If you're not careful you'll end up dead.
Such a gorgeous corpse with such a tragic end,
a beautiful girl with cuts too deep to mend
A flash of the blade and he mind was gone
how could something feel so right when she knew it was wrong?
she left a family in peices when she slit her wrists.
they thought she as happy, but there was so much they missed.
staring at her corpse they realize their mistake, but was her life really too much to take?
was there anything they could have said?
they would do anything to bring her back from the dead.
sadly she is gone forever.
hopefully for her life after death is better.
yet her family is broken,choking on words that can't be spoken.
her death left them wanting,
her memory so haunting.
they will miss her forever, but can they keep it together?

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