December 29, 2011
I love the taste of the salt in my tongue.
The breeze in my face while my hair comes undone.
Free to stand and to fall and to run in it's sand,
I will always love this wonderland.

For the days gleam with gold,
and the nights secrets hold,
as for the memories that here were buried,
lies engraved in me too great.
Oh land, sweetest of it's kind,
my life here was as once upon time.
But as I had seen, it drove us apart,
thanks to those with greed and madness in their heart.

I saw Love's affair come in it's waves.
Yet it tagged along with the sun's warm embrace.
I cannot deny all that I have done,
or the speed I have ran from it's burning gun.
God! yet here I stand once again,
I am slaved to love this bitter wonderland.

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