Who will win?

December 29, 2011
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I'm sitting here
thinking about things i shouldn't be
I know what it does to me
I think about all the times
When I feel the pain
When I feel the loneliness creeping up on me...then I'm sucked back into it all
I try to stop but Ana is telling me to keep going on
I wanna stop she's hurting me
But I can't seem to... I'm starting to like it
It's never going to go away... she's always there watching me
Telling me that it's alright...
Telling me it's for the best... she'll always be there for me
When every one else will leave... i don't want to believe her
But time after time... it's true...
When was the last time that anyone stayed to help me
when was the last time anyone came to me and told me that it's okay
When was the last time I ever felt safe inside... from everything
but in the end i know you'll win...
I'm tired of fighting....
I'm tired of trying to find a way out
It'd be so much easier if were dead... that way no one have to care
Isn't that what you want Ana?
I'll let you win... cause you always do...
And now here I am, thinking about things i shouldn't be
But who's gonna stop me?
You or Me?

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