Easier said than done

December 29, 2011
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I used to say all the time
"I won't love control me"
Now look at me
I'm so stuck up and i can't get away
It's trapped me in its thorns and there's no way out
oh this love of mine... don't you know how much i love you
I'll do anything for you, name it and i'll go
This love of mine, why can't you see me and my love for you

I know we're the best of friends, every secret is told except this little one of mine
I know you're in love with some other girl
I know that you feel my love but why can't you see that I want you so bad
When I see you with another girl, i wish it was me instead
I wish it was me who you held
I wish it was me who you kissed and said "i love you" to
Why can't you see that I love you more than her?
Why can't you see me beaming with jealously?

I go crazy just thinking of you giving your love to her
All my friends says to stop loving you
That I deserve better
All my friends keep saying ;
Your only tormenting yourself
And I know that but I can't it's harder to fall out of love than falling in love

But i can't seem to move on, still stuck up on you
Even when i tell others that i'll never be in this kind of situation but now look where i am
You can never say anything true until you've experience it yourself
Sometimes words come back and bite you in the a**
it's so ironic

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