Have You Gone Night Swimming?

December 29, 2011
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Breath stops
oxygen solidifying in your trachea
create minature rollar coasters
across your skin

You're so cold
yet so warm inside
almost like Christmas morning
eyes lit abright.

Yet this is just the surface.
You fell in love with impossibility
grabbed it by the shoulders
and pulled it in closer

you thought you had it all in your hands
but it was like controlling the wind
it goes where is pleases.

I still remember hearing the stories
they convinced me
that love always comes around
no matter where you'll be.

Remember that love is half-blind
it still needs glasses to see
but it's never as clear
as you think it should be.

However, I'm lucky.
You're lucky.
It doesn't happen to everyone
Because when you meet that person
the wish
the dream
the hope
You wouldn't think of forgetting.

True love rejected
kills a part of you inside
you're a tree
and it may be herbicide.

There's always a part left to rot
blackened and molding
you can see it in their eyes
they hypnotize.

You're going to miss them
they're just out of reach
night swimming
doesn't tell you where the surface is

you know it's there
your fingertips scraped it
yet you're being pulled under
you won't make it anytime soon
will you drown?

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