December 28, 2011
By , Fort Worth, TX
i ask what i am
i ask what i feel
try n show me the world plz
try n show me whatz good
giv me a chance
giv me a shot
im tired
cant you see??
i am
very much so
what can i do??
i tried
i really tried this time
but i still cnt see the end
i cnt
the end of pain
the end of nothingness
the end of taking it
and taking it
and taking it
i want to be
i want to live
i want to see him
the friend i call brother
but have a feeling itz nt true
what can i do??
what can i do to show you??
ive tried
youve tried
stop trying to keep me alive
im done.
im tired.
my heart cnt tak much more
it hurts
so much
so much
take me somewhere new
where pain is a lie
and lies are never said
take me to a place where we,
can love without trouble
where i was never there.....

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