Harvest Moon and Nirvana in the Sky

December 28, 2011
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Kindness is not an answer

But kindness is the key

You think the world’s not that beauteous

Well then,

just sit down and go to Hell.


The sunlight’s not stopping you

From being here

All the days of your life

You have whined and muttered

Simple ignorant words and silences


The song of no one is the song

Of forever

Watch the person besides you

Shiver and turn away

Then you’ll know what you have



The cold marble

Beneath my hands is still but

The waves of the ocean are loud

And could be thunder or a

Childhood blanket


You never know which

Is and isn’t


Whispering softly into the night

And airblowing kisses to the constellation


Your sweet immortal lover who you’ll join

Very soon.


“Very soon, my love.

Very soon I’ll be there. You may

Be the fierce warrior in those unknowable


But I know you

And you’re my immortal diamond.

I know it

Good Sir”


Keeping calm

As you wish for

Angels to bless you

And give you Peace.

Not as long as people

Block their gates to

The Harvest Moon


Nirvana in the Sky.

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