Christmas At All

December 28, 2011
I'm still waiting for the snow to fall
Without it doesn't feel like Christmas at all.
The bitter cold taps at the window glass,
And wrapping paper surges around me
in an endless fabricated sea
While ribbons rain down, I struggle for it to pass.
Presents are stationed at the bottom of the tree,
Clothed in garland and lights, just as we
had once tangled up designing. I sigh
Into a hot chocolate-filled mug, and by and by,
My mind drifts to that night in the snow
Outside a toy shop window, your gloves like needles trying to sew
warmth back into my cold, dainty hands.
The streetlight beside us was meeting night's demands
By making a pool of radiance, wearing its wreath tie,
And a golden dress of lights that glistened as we walked by.
Dressed for the occasion, and I didn't understand
Why you made your leave on Christmas Eve,
Gently wiping away ice and tears that should land
On my icy cheeks like glitter in the air
Watching you drift away like candlelight, run after you I dare,
but now I sit alone at a table with two plates,
A fireplace with two stockings, a date with two fates
The record plays, and a song should just begin,
As I wait for the door to open, a swirl of snow to come in...

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babyrex4 said...
Jan. 9, 2012 at 3:46 pm
Wow sis! It feels like Christmas all over again..
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