The Reflection

December 28, 2011
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Damp green mossy trees
Soft wet grass, itching my feet
Sun yet to rise
Steam coming off the water
Crystal blue,
Dark mysterious turquoise

There I sit, gazing into the water of truth
Calm, peace, a smile I can't stop
Around me there's no movement
I'm all alone

Above the water I stand
Staring at my reflection
My image is too perfect
It's how people see me

I reach out to touch the image
As I do, waves ripple through destroying me,
The waves in the water soon disappear
But, the image is not as it was before
It's different, it's morphed
This is how I see myself

Again I touch the water
I draw how I see myself
It seems I do so for hours and hours

Until there's a disturbance
In the lush green forest
I hear a chain saw
The trees start to crash,
So I let out a scream
And return to reality

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