Dancing The Dance Of The Mad

December 28, 2011
By Nedum BRONZE, Portharcourt, Other
Nedum BRONZE, Portharcourt, Other
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It’s called the dance of the mad
Once, I thought I was the sane one
For do not sane people shake their waists
Clap their hands
And sing alongside the music?
The mad also do the same
And even with much enthusiasm
Enthusiasm! That’s what achievers have
So it must be encouraged
But wait! A madman is the drummer,
The cheerer and the dancers left and right
Enthusiasm, that’s what they have
And maybe I am the madman
For I do not have what it have what it takes
To dance and be cheered
So down, down I go
Lower than the others
And the cheers are louder
For I am dancing the dance of the mad

The author's comments:
This piece is about human reaction to things they are not doing but thinks everyone else is doing. Sometimes a bad thing is so popularized that sometimes those who are doing the right thing gets confused and wonder if they are not actually the bad people. I think people should not do things because others are doing it.

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