Hello Hello

December 28, 2011
By BlackAndWhiteDaydream SILVER, Riverview, Florida
BlackAndWhiteDaydream SILVER, Riverview, Florida
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Hello! Hello Mr. Bluebird!
Whisper in my ear, all my insecurities
Mock me for my hopes,
Mock me for my dreams,
Mock me for thinking that we were meant to be.
If I climbed up high into a tree
And sat down on a limb
Would I fall
Or would you keep me company
Letting me in.
Hello! Hello Mr. Bluebird!
Chirp a little song in my ear.
Remind me why your gone
And why I’m all alone up here.
‘cause in the end,
All we have are the people we surround ourselves with.
And nobody tells me what they want.
But your silence says everything.

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