Big Sister

December 28, 2011
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Dear Big Sister
Today I watched you fly away again
Leaving behind the comfort of this nest you call home
Diving head first into this crazy world
I know you plan to soar as high as you can
Bravely fighting in the battle of reality and dreams
Perseverance and Determination are your wings
Remember Big Sister
No matter where you fly I am not far
My feet maybe planted now, but I can still see the sky
Watching your every move with admiration and awe
Whenever you face stormy weather I’m at your tail
Trusting you to choose the right path
Someday we will fly side by side
Look Big Sister
We were six and now we are five
Three little birdies still wait to take flight
I can already taste the wind on my wings
Eagerly waiting to jump into the world
When it’s time I’ll try to make you proud
Don’t abandon the nest forever

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