Traveler Man

January 5, 2012
I don’t know right,
I don’t know left.
I don’t know up,
I don’t know down.
I don’t know upside-down,
I don’t know inside out.
I am a stranger in this land.
It is a new frontier
Of the likes I have never encountered
In all my travels.
To quote Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”:
“I am a traveler of both time and space.”
I must explore this terrain
Full of mysteries and
Unexplained phenomena.
But who knows any place?
I certainly don’t.
I never will.
Sometimes, it is a good thing
To have a wide and shallow knowledge.
But at others,
Narrow and deep.
What do you think,
I will never know.
Soon I will be moving on
To yet another frontier
As yet undiscovered.
I am a traveling man.
I get around.
I know people
You will never know.

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