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January 5, 2012
By Tashnia Ahmed SILVER, Jonesboro, Georgia
Tashnia Ahmed SILVER, Jonesboro, Georgia
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She came in the world with nothing more than the woman that birth her.
The s*** that started happening soon as she took that first breath made her Earth blur.
Event after event, pain after strike.
Every school she went to, she was the one everyone would like.
So how come family hated her? Saw her as enemy?
She tried to be what they wanted, but that's something they couldn't see.
Struggles and fights left her strong and guarded.
Learning on her own, but even the smallest mistakes made her feel retarded.
Friends came, boys went.
She prayed to God for a angel , Heaven sent.
Tears on her face, blood in her heart.
She asked God again to take her, this life was something she didn't wanna take part.
Believing the stupid lies, she believed he really loved her.
Didn't let him go even when he beat and shoved her.
Started fighting herself, to be someone but not sure who.
Needed someone, damn that girl needed you.
Before 16 hit, she lost everything and more.
Somehow God kept her living, she didn't understand what for.
Hated everyone, hated everything.
She hated love, forgot how to sing.
Darkness surrounded her, she cried every night.
She kept striking herself, until she realized she was losing her own fight.
Stuck in a world by herself, she looked for a key.
She looked for someone, me.
Started growing without a father figure, but she's not complainin.
Before she even hit 10 years old, she didn't have much of her innocence remainin.
She was only ten years old.
7 years later + still can't figure out why the world so cold.
Trynna live a life she only see in ink.
All the thoughts in her head, she wishin she wouldn't think.
Searching for something more but can't see the light.
She said she's about to runaway because what she's living, ain't right.
As she grabbed her clothes she saw faces.
She thought of where she'd run to, and couldn't think of any places.
Thought about the ones that actually care.
Her leaving like this, just isn't fair.
She dropped her bags yet again and cried.
Every time she planned on leaving, she couldn't go far, just tried.
The wounds inside, they won't heal.
You'd let her runaway, if only you knew how she feel.
She'd letting it build up inside her, all the pain.
She's letting it shut her down, slowly consuming her brain.
She's taking it, strike after strike.
Attack after attack.
One day she really WILL runaway, and I swear, she's never coming back.

The author's comments:
Just a poem on how I was feeling at a certain time in my life.

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