She Talks.

January 5, 2012
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Strong is what you see, weak is what I feel.
Sometimes I look in the mirror and everything's surreal.
Tears in my eyes, what happened to her? That girl I once knew?
Did she also decide to give up on me too?
The mirror looked at me, her eyes held something deep.
She had redness in her eyes, is it from lack of sleep?
I tried to touch her, she only looked away.
Once more she looked at me , "Where is TAY?"
I then looked away, for I was ashamed.
So much I did for this world, and still I felt framed.
I wasn't who they cut me out to be,
I was everything except, me.
There are nights when I let my mind roam free.
There are times when I wondered how other people see me.
This soul inside of me, caged and locked away.
It cries out but no one hears what she tries to say.
A careless world, with pain and fear.
The more I push away the struggles, I feel the closer they come near.
Every turn, every face, every word that someone would speak.
It's not what I wanted, I wanted more, but what is it that I seek?
Stuck in this situation, where I can't find her, that girl I once knew.
You can assist me, because you once knew her too.

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