I'm Here

January 5, 2012
By Tashnia Ahmed SILVER, Jonesboro, Georgia
Tashnia Ahmed SILVER, Jonesboro, Georgia
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There will be times you hold on to your pillow tight.
Moments where you feel fear due to the darkness of the night.
There might be a chance you feel alone, nobody on your side.
Nobody seems to get you, no matter how hard you tried.
You couldn't please the world, yet the world expected more.
You might have a time when you just decide to walk out the door.
That single moment, you feel your world's met it's end.
Turn and look behind you, I'm forever here as your lover, guidance, and best friend.
Whatever you may need, a word of wisdom or arms to hold.
A hand to squeeze or shelter from the cold.
Turn my way, I won't let you fall.
I'll give you everything, I'll give you my all.
Your strength, your weak.
I'll be your high, and your lowest peak.
Your dreams, share them with me, I'll help them come true.
I'll do anything and everything, because I love you.
Ride or die, Earth or Mars.
I'll give you the moon and all of the stars.
Squeeze you tight, let the tears finally dry.
You don't have to be strong around me, so don't even try.
You look back, and feel there's nobody there.
I'll be that one face you will find, I pink super promise swear.
We'll fight, we'll argue, but trust me, I got your back.
When life tries pulling on your train, I'll help you stay on track.
Whatever it may be, flaws or a simple situation.
I'll hold your hand through it all, no matter how much the frustration.
So lean on me, don't be scared.
Me + You is what God paired.
Don't cry anymore, don't be strong all alone.
You've been strong enough, that's well known.
Time to let down your guard, allow me through the wall.
It's your time to shine, I'm just here to help with the curtain call.
I love you, trust that phrase and pull me in.
Let's look towards your future and stop hurting from what has been.

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