Don't want you to leave .

January 5, 2012
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I don't wanna be a memory, but memories to come.
I don't wanna be that girl, I wanna be the reason your heart sounds like a drum.
My heart's running empty, the tears are slowing down it's flow.
Last thing I want baby, is to watch you go.
The touch of your hands, your fingers locked into mine.
I'm willing to wait baby, all I'm asking for is a sign.
Time seems to be running wild without you near.
I have a world of people with me, but still, I wish you were here.
One look from you, my heart starts playing a crazy beat.
Up all night, wondering when's the next time our lips will meet.
Don't talk to me about tomorrow, I want you in my arms today.
Every moment I get the chance, I forget everything I wanna say.
Hours staring at my phone, wishing for a simple "I love you" text,
Countless wishes on stars, asking for a sign of what's next.
Rereading your messages, smiling after each phrase.
Even though you're with someone else, with me, I'm praying your heart stays.
I'm not trying to make it too emotional, but I've fallen deep.
Every promise I made to you, I swear, I'm prepared to keep.
Everytime our conversations ends, I wish for one more minute to talk.
Everytime you walk past me, I wish I was keeping you company as you walk.
Compliment that new haircut, I'm sure she couldn't even tell.
I'm sure she doesn't love you like I do, or adore your Prada smell.
Somehow I feel stuck, watching every happen from afar.
Life is nothing when I'm missing my one and only star.
I'm sure she doesn't see the way your smile lights up the look in your eyes.
& I'm sure you don't know, each time I hear about her, a piece of me hurts, dies.
Scared to ask you whats up, because a part of me doesn't want to know.
At the same time, I just wanna hold you tight and tell you "Please don't go."
I don't want you to leave, isn't it simple to see?Because no matter what part of the world you go . . .

You and I are meant to be . .

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