January 5, 2012
Every feel like the world around you has no purpose?

Or that one day you can't walk on that cloudy surface?

You want to just sit alone somewhere and cry,

Hoping that soon you could loose the pain and die?

Your heart slowly closes all the way,

Just wanting to throw it in a deep bay.

Feeling the deep breaks and cracks,

Not ever wanting to look back.

Seeing the pain makes it hurt the most,

All your wanting to do is hold them near the coast.

Hearing the tears and the breaking of their heart,

You feel like your pulling the heartbroken cart.

Sitting and pondering of what could have been,

Yet your mind goes to the back when.

You close your heart, and pray for light

Holding close those memories of delight.

Feeling the pain slowly seep through you,

And everybody that hurt you, you think "screw you"

Making it so real, with your hurt coming back,

All you know now is that your on a sea of black.

Wanting to abandon the ship,

But all the while you feel your heart start to chip.

You feel the icy cold waters of remorse start to swallow you whole,

Seeing a flame start to grow around the oils of hate, ready to blow.

Wanting to turn this nightmare to a dream,

Until you know it won't, you awake in a scream

Laying in the cold air it seems to engulf you,

Turning your lips and fingers a fragile blue.

Your heart slows to a crawl,

Defying your life at all.

As your heart slowly stops you think of what has been in your life,

Knowing you had given the hardest fight.

Eyes fluttering shut, your hearts stops,

Then your soul floats past the roof tops

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