A Troubled Mind

January 5, 2012
By Xinyi Liu BRONZE, Naperville, Illinois
Xinyi Liu BRONZE, Naperville, Illinois
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Unexpectedly, the score of Math Team stabbed into my heart like a sword and proved me a fool.
Annoyingly, the practice packet was a hill that I strove futilely against the resistance.
Depressedly, I tried to nap on the bus but gave in to the discomfort caused by chatters and jolts.
Heart-brokenly, I sighed but received unusual silence that made my heart as cold as an iceberg.
Curiously, I looked around to look for my family's reactions then realized nobody cared.
Disappointedly, I broke into my mom's room and expect reassurance but suffered negative comments on my bad manners.
Surprisingly, the bang of the door provided a ray of hope but was also a harbinger for a busy dad.
Desperately, I opened the planner and soon recognized the symbol that implied the 3 tests the next day.
Exhaustedly, I started planning on the presentation but couldn't create any attention getters.
Regretfully, I gazed at my procrastinated packets for the Team and lamented over my laziness.
Unwillingly I picked up my pen and focused on struggling with the questions that made my head an erupted volcano.

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