You see, but you do not observe

January 5, 2012
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Like the fur of an animal,
Or the leaf of a tree
There is more going on than what meets the eye.
Closely studied, you find the animal’s fur filled
With marks, shading, hatching,
And the tree leaf bundled with trillions of living cells.
Observed differently, the imagine in His mind reveals.
His rough, worn hands made each individual mark his own,
His stamp in the branches.

Observation hands you nature’s diary.
Her secrets
Written in an unknown language
Containing all of the world,
Deep into the diary people’s weaknesses,
fears, insecurities are revealed
Sheer observation deciphers her coded language
I wonder, what do people know about me?
Has everyone seen through me, too?
My fear of spiders,
My sensitivity?
Who knows my insecurities?
How do I hide from observation?
My troubles just grew.

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