The Perfect Boyfriend

January 5, 2012
By Anonymous

The perfect boyfriend is one that calls you beautiful instead of hot.
One that is not on the phone the whole time you are with him.
The one that makes you feel all warm and tingly inside when you see him.
One that wont hurt you or ever cheat.
The one that doesn’t lie or ever make you feel guilty about something that never happened,
Or to ever say that you’re wrong and that what you say doesn’t matter.
One that gets things that come from your heart and not from the money that you may have.
One that knows everything about you and that will never portray or say anything about how the way you live or act.
One that doesn’t care about how much you weigh and that will always make you feel better about your self at anytime.
The one that complements you when you have your hair up and your in sweatpants with no makeup on.
One that is there for you when you are crying and gives you a shoulder to cry on.
The one that cares about how you dress around his friends and asks you to be respectful of what you wear around them.
The one that will kiss you in front of his friends and hold your hand.
One that would do anything in the world for you and that will sacrifice any friendship to stay with you.
One that lets you in the front seat of his car and not his friends that called it first.
One that doesn’t live by rude remarks that guys say to offend the girls.
I always hear girls saying they want the perfect boyfriend.
One that would do all these things,
And would never regret a bit of what they said or did.
One that constantly tells you how beautiful you are and how much he cares about your relationship.
The one that sticks up for you and dosen’t ever let a guy talk bad behind your back no matter how great of friends they are.
One that wont ever let you down.
One that will answer your phone call at anytime in the morning just so you have someone to talk to.
That one perfect boyfriend is out there,
Don’t ever stop looking,
reach out for your dreams.

The author's comments:
i was inspired to write this because i always hear about girls wanting the perfect boyfriend so i figured it was a great title and idea.

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