The Best Dream

January 5, 2012
By LostInThePast GOLD, Smyrna, Georgia
LostInThePast GOLD, Smyrna, Georgia
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-C.S. Lewis

Tryin to catch some sleep, but thoughs of us kept keepin me awake.

I look back at all our memories, they seem so far away.

It feels like it never even happened, that it was all a dream.

I need you to tell me it was real, cause I cant feel it anymore.

Did we really do all those things.?

Did we really stay up talking until 4 am every morning over the summer?

Did we really have our tree moments.?

I dont feel like I was there.

I mean sure, I have the memories, but it seems as if I was watching it all happen through someone elses eyes.

I didnt experience those things..

Did I.?

Did it all really happen.?

Or were you just the best dream that finally came to an end?


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