Stop, Thief, Stop!

December 29, 2011
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Stop, Thief, stop!
You run so fast
that I can never keep up.
You take away all that has been,
sweet memories, and innocence,
and love, and hope,
and dreams that no longer are.

Stop, Thief, Stop,
come back, slow down,
I'm not yet ready to part
with all that you've taken,
you've taken too fast.

Stop, Thief, stop!
No, you're more than a thief,
you stole all the lives
that have ever been stolen:
alas, a murderer you are!

Stop, Thief, stop,
and give it all back,
at least let me keep
what I still have.
Don't take away what I really need:
I need you to slow down,
to give yourself to me.

Oh please, someone help!
Help stop that Thief!
But careful, take heed!
Do not kill this Thief,
for you will surely pay
when you need it to slow.

But it will be too late
to stop this Thief,
this Thief called Time.

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