December 29, 2011
Each beautiful word you speak to me
Each compliment
Each smile shared
These, are like bullets being
Into my chest.
You think I love these things
Because I smile
And use those silly little hearts
That don’t look like real hearts…
And I do.
I do love these things
Do not get me wrong
But I am afraid.
Afraid because maybe
I will fall.
Fall deeply, senselessly
In love with you
Just as I have fallen in love with
All the words you speak to me
All the compliments
Your smile.
And love
To say the least
Is a funny thing
Something I want to feel
I crave to feel.
Like chocolate, it melts in my mouth
Tasting good at the time
But soon
Too soon
Leaving the taste on my lips
As a bitter reminder of what I once had
What I melted away…
And no
I do not love you.
But I fear that I will
And that you will
Melt melt melt
And we will
Melt melt melt
And I will have nothing but a bitter reminder
Of what was
Left on my lips

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