Chess Game

December 29, 2011
By OceanGirl SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
OceanGirl SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Backstabbers are only powerful when you have your back turned.

Why can’t you understand
How much you hurt me
How I lay awake at night
Wondering what to do with myself
Wondering how to handle myself
Do you really not see
How much it bothers me
Or do you just not care
Am I just another pawn in your chess game
Use me for small things
But you never really care
When it comes to my feelings
You are oblivious

But here’s the problem
The pawns are the protectors

So what will happen
When they all go away

You’re left alone
In this crazy messed up world

Maybe that’s what it will take
A reality check
I am here right now for you
But in a blink of an eye
I can be gone
Just like that

The author's comments:
This is once again...about the boy I like and how I feel.

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