Our Song

December 29, 2011
By Anonymous

speaking softly as the rain falling around us and
enveloping me in your arms-i can still recall the feeling;
the look on your face as you kissed me for all the world to see and
i can never forget the sound of rain hitting the cobblestones;
the smell of your hair like clean laundry and fresh chopped wood and lysol and portuguese sweet bread;
you are with me always; all this time in the deepest pocket of my heart i confess:
i keep you coiled up tight and never let go; especially
rainy afternoons like these i remember most though i beat you away but
today i just can’t and allow myself to sit drenched in your memory with
whispers of our song drifting around who i have become without you and
the lyrics are so true-“so many things i’d like to say to you but i don’t know how”….”i don’t believe that anybody feels the way i do about you now”…
and though i’ve finally felt the ending; that you’ve let go and moved on for the first time;
i don’t know how but somehow i know you’ve changed your heart to be empty of me but
mine still holds onto you so strong and refusing to let go and i can’t hide it when i hear our song…

save me, my wonderwall.

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