The Storm

January 5, 2012
By GareBear BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
GareBear BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
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The light in the sky brings everything to life around me.
As the darkness takes over everything fades away.
I swing my arm in front of me like I’m playing a drum.
As I strike the imaginary drum the storm answers back with a big boom and the sky lights up than fades away again.
The thunder and lightning brings the dark world to life.
I stop hitting the drum and I smile and start to giggle.
The storm takes all my problems away:
The thunder’s loud booms keep me from hearing them.
The lightning’s bright, blinding flashes keep me from seeing them.
The strong winds blow them away.
And the rain cleans the rest of the problems away.
I can feel the energy flow through me and it brings another smile to my face.
As the storm starts to calm I can see the light shine down on me.
The warmth of the light feels good on my cold wet skin.
I smile one more big smile and I go back inside waiting for another storm to come by to bring me more fun and energy.

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