January 5, 2012
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Why are we abused
When we are the future
Why are we kept apart
When we provide support for each other
What do we have when no friend is there for us?

We have nothing.
Nothing but our own imagination
Nothing but our own pain
No more of our sane integrity
No more respect
No more human decency.
With the cruelty of the previous generation
We have fallen
We have failed
We are the ones responsible for our own destruction
Why do we not care?
Where has our love flown to escape our stone cold hearts
What have we done to cause this disaster
Who is to blame for our sins
Why do we continue to drown in our own folly
We commit these acts in our stubbornness
We accept these facts in our own ignorance
We cause this pain for our own pleasure
Who is worse than humankind?
Here on planet earth there is no crueler creature than the Human Being.
If we are the most intelligent why do we…
Wage wars
Create deadly diseases
Kill each other
Let rapists run free
Allow God’s name to be desecrated
Let others make our choices
Disrespect our parents and teachers.
With these revelations
Go forth.

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eapoet said...
Jan. 31, 2012 at 4:57 pm
Feel free to give feedback. I always want to improve.
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