In everything I do

January 4, 2012
By silent_pen GOLD, Colcord, Oklahoma
silent_pen GOLD, Colcord, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
ad aspra per aspera(to the stars with difficulties)

In everything I do
I mess up
Don’t bring glory to You
In everything I do
I can’t be perfect
Like You
I am not the one
people want
people need
I am just worthless
no one to hear me
no one to care
no one even there
When I cry out
No one helps
It doesn’t matter
In everything I do
I make You mad
or sad
Doesn’t matter my intentions
I hurt You
and it hurts me
I cry myself to sleep
And hurt myself
Trying to make it not hurt
When You cry
Are angry
Are hurting
Yet it doesn’t help
and what do I get
but more pain
In everything I do
It seems like
It only brings me
closer to the one thing
that makes me
hurt you
the most
My own

The author's comments:
This is not religious even though I captilize "You". It is toward a human in my life.

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