Keeping Your Lie

January 4, 2012
By Shaynastrait BRONZE, Farmington, Missouri
Shaynastrait BRONZE, Farmington, Missouri
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I don't know why
but for you I cry.
You hurt me deep.
You've taken my sleep.
You made me suffer
to prove you're tougher.
And i don't know why
but I'm keeping your lie.

The bruises on my skin
prove that you win.
Your hand-print on my face
that leaves with no trace.
Other people can't see
what you're doing to me.
And I don't know why
but I'm keeping your lie.

You've brought me pain.
What did you gain?
Do you think it's fun
to ruin someone?
You've made me fear
to look in the mirror.
And i don't know why
but I'm keeping your lie.

The author's comments:
This poem was written when I was in an abusive situation. It's all in the past now, but I have many regrets. I was too scared to do anything so I just sat back and took what he gave me and that was wrong. I was lucky to have gotten out of this situation alive and healthy. For readers who are going through some situation like this, get help. Don't let yourself change and be controlled because you're paralyzed by fear. Take charge, as hard as it may be, and make your life your own again.

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