My Last Moments

January 4, 2012
By Shaynastrait BRONZE, Farmington, Missouri
Shaynastrait BRONZE, Farmington, Missouri
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I know now
as i draw my last breath
why you were so
afraid of death.

I remember your face
your smile and eyes.
I remember our harsh words
and I remember the lies.

I remember you leaving
after our fight.
It all happened so fast
in that one long night.

I remember the cop
who came to my door.
He made it clear
that you were here no more.

I remember my tears
as I heard of the crash.
The cop had said
it happened in a flash.

I remember the condolences
that cop had given.
I remember the things
we did while livin'.

I remember how much
it hurt to let go.
I was in more pain
than you'd ever know.

I remember seeing you
lying cold and still.
I remember feeling
an unsettling chill.

I remember you being burried
in the ground.
So far down
you'll never be found.

Now as the night
reaches the sky
I know that it's
my night to die.

It won't be long.
Don't worry, my love.
Just another moment
and I'll meet you above.

The author's comments:
I just wrote this poem when I was upset one day, but I think it has a good message. You can't waste your life fighting and being angry. You have to be happy and have fun while you can or the memories you leave this world with won't be good ones.

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