She Stands

January 4, 2012
She stands silent under the ashen sky
The buildings black
Stern and silent
She stands calm under the silent sky
A mask like a doctors’
So black covers her face
The world ends so loudly around
She is the mute under the calm sky
Observing what’s to come
She grasps a sword
The virus comes
A rushing hoard
She is violence under a mute sky
Hair so long
Flowing with each strike and kill
Skin covered in what remains of humanity
Civilization lost in this atrocity
She is peaceful under this violent sky
Sadism rules this new world
Carnage and bloodshed baptized it
A massacre of mass destruction has butchered most
But she survives
She stands lonely under this peaceful sky
The virus comes and wanes
What is left of humanity emerges
Like ants who’s nest was kicked
They build
Soon new cities emerge
She stands quiet
A protector of these sad souls
So many lost
So many dead
As society begins anew
She stands ashen under this lonesome sky

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