The Poetry of your Name

January 4, 2012
I know all the poetry of your name by now
All the different intonations
I know how to make the words sound best
I know how to make them sound like more than words
Which they are
Of course
They're you
And now, I know them better than anyone
I've used them so much
But they never last
It's funny
Maybe the words really are you after all

In and out they go
Too fast to notice
Too fast to really matter
Now I don't even know who you are
Are you H or M or L or someone else?
I suppose you must be someone
Else I wouldn't want to write to you
But quite frequently, you just don't seem real
Maybe that's the point
If you were
I'd be talking to you
Not about talking to you
I hate to leave this poem hanging
But I suppose it's just what happens to me
All the time
So goodbye
Whoever you are

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