Art Room

January 4, 2012
By Annmarieis BRONZE, Auburn Hills, Michigan
Annmarieis BRONZE, Auburn Hills, Michigan
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A big room where I do not feel stamped behind white cinder block
Wall of windows to gaze as far as my eyes can see
Amber rays beam in the panes to awaken my senses
You are my escape from reality
My place to find refuge from the cold steel prison bars of the day
I relax for my favorite fall of the day,
Brushstroke, pigment, and tone
A leap from the pressures of society,
I’ve fallen in love.
What happens here,
Just feels right
It’s where I wish I could always be.
What others see as paper,
I take as an opportunity
People fade as what is important takes image before my eyes.
Now a splash of purple,
now a splash of green
Until I can express what my mind can only imagine
My soul transforms through fingertips-
In color,
and form.

The author's comments:
While writing this poem, I wanted to communicate how art class is a comfortable place for me. This class is different from all the rest including location, senses, and how my mind works. By contrasting the actual classroom to cold, steel prison bars I am creating an image in the readers mind. When I wrote of the sun shining through the windowpanes I thought of the panes in two ways, as one an opening to light, but also to relieve the “pain” of the other classrooms. I personally feel very uncomfortable in rooms without windows and our high school has many rooms without windows.

The art room has natural light that makes a world of difference to me. In this room I can think in color, not just black and white. I do not feel the cold restraints of the cement walls surrounding me, and I do not feel as claustrophobic as I do in the other rooms. I honestly would have panic attacks when coming back to school after summer due to the packed classrooms without windows. I wanted to communicate these feelings in my poem to help the reader understand that environment does make a difference. When light is allowed to come in through windows the room is not so crowded and a person’s mind can think deeper and more meaningfully. When I wrote “my soul is transformed through my fingertips” I was trying to express the deeper work I can perform in this room.

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